Our Elite 3 Phase system keeps your fitness interesting and produces results. You'll be on board every step of the way as your fitness professional guides you through premium phased training, ensuring you never lose your edge.

Our Programs

Weight Loss

Your Mansion Elite fitness professional will be at your side every step of the way as we take all the guesswork out of your weight loss goals by setting clear nutrition and training guidelines

Tone & Sculpt

 The main focus of this program is tightening up and getting you fit! This program will sculpt and define your body while maintaining your body's proportions

Size & Strength

Build muscular size and strength in the most effective way through proven techniques and expert guidance

Sports Performance & Conditioning

            The ultimate performance enhancer!  Whatever your sport, we've got the solution!  Our comprehensive strength and conditioning programs will bring out your inner athlete. 

Personal Training Packages available as low as $120 per session! 

FREE INTRODUCTORY SESSION for local residents!


All Personal Training sessions include free valet parking, towel service and there is no separate membership required when purchasing a training package at mansion fitness

Single Sessions = $165

8 Sessions = $1,120 ($140/Session)

16 Sessions = $2,160 ($135/session)

24 Sessions = $3,120 ($130/session)

48 Sessions = $6,000 ($125/session)

96 Sessions = $11,520 ($120/session)